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The Constant Happiness Gratitude Journal

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All About The Constant Happiness Gratitude Journal

How to make a simple change that will dramatically increase your happiness

Almost 90% of Americans admitted that they were not “very happy” (survey by University of Chicago, 2020).

Many of those asked said they felt isolated, lonely, or just plain “not too happy.”

Unhappiness is on the rise

These figures have been getting worse every year, and it’s time to put a stop to it.

Odds are high that either you, a family member, or a friend could be happier… a lot happier.

How to make yourself happier

One of the reasons so many people feel down is because they lack the time, awareness, or ability to recognize all of the good things going on around them. Constantly bombarded by vicious media reports about everything from politics to pandemics, they forget to stop and gaze at the wonders of the world.

If you are ready to challenge your unhappiness head on, or if you want to give the gift of happiness to someone you care for, get a copy of The Constant Happiness Gratitude Journal.

Unlike some gratitude journals that encourage you to write a several times a week, The Constant Happiness Gratitude Journal gets you to record your positive feelings throughout the day. Within hours of starting this special journal, you’ll start to feel happier. And after just a few days, your whole life will look different.

Order your copy on Amazon now, and make sure to get a few copies for those people you know who could use an injection of joy.

How The Constant Happiness System™ works

We know we should feel gratitude for the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the friends and family we have. However, with so many distractions, we sometimes forget to be grateful… Actually, we pretty much always forget to be grateful.

The Constant Happiness System™ trains you to use your five senses to absorb all of the good things happening around you. Once you get going, instead of stressing over the noisy neighbors, the grumpy boss, or the guy who cut in front of you in line, you will appreciate the magazine article you read, the magic of your cell phone, and the “good morning” from the barista. You’ll quickly develop the habit of observing how your spouse, parents, or children helped you out. You’ll feel the comfort of your clothing, the solidness of your chair, and you’ll recognize the miracle of washing machines and refrigerators.

The reason the system works is that it causes you to get overwhelmed with positivity. When you feel so good about so many things, you’ll make the happy/sad scale tilt way over to the good side.

If you’re ready to change your mood or to help someone else feel much happier, get started now.

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The Constant Happiness Gratitude Journal is not meant for people suffering from clinical depression.

There is a big difference between sadness and depression. Everyone gets sad sometimes, since it’s a human emotion. Usually some trigger will cause unhappiness, like a break-up, loss of a job, failing an exam, or an argument. After some time, a good cry, or a conversation with a friend, the sadness normally fades. Writing in a gratitude journal is another great way to deal with sadness. On the other hand, depression is different. Depression is a mental illness that can’t just be pushed away. Millions of people suffer from depression, and this can cause them to feel down about everything. Depression doesn’t require a specific trigger. If you or someone you know presents signs of depression like being irritable most of the time, losing interest in activities that you used to like, significantly changing weight or appetite, feeling low energy, guilt, or worthlessness, or thinking about dying or suicide, make sure to get professional help right away. Happiness is not the opposite of depression, so using a gratitude journal that is designed to make you happy will not solve the problems of clinical depression.

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Douglas Goldstein, CFP®

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